Fuel tanks

PEHD (polyethylene high-density) double-wall transferable tanks (having a capacity of 3,000 - 30,000 litres) allow you to store and use diesel for all practical purposes. The devices are TÜV certified, meeting the LAND proposed normative acts as well as the European Union environment and health and safety at work requirements issued by the European Community. Diesel fuel tank construction...[...] More >>

SMDP systems

This solution was created and developed particularly for filling stations and operating fluid flow equipment. The primary aim of the device is to guarantee the simplicity and convenience of the fluid flow operations. SMDP is not a closed controllable and accountable system, but rather...[...] More >>

Fuel dispensing equipment

Have you decided to renew or start up your company’s filling station or an operating fluid flow station? Or maybe you need a particular part of the equipment? Then you are more than welcome to inquire about our equipment, devices and their constituents, and we will submit a proposal in accordance with your requirements. Attached you will find a short list of our production...[...] More >>