‘MBK Intelligence’ together with Gintas Vaicenas’ company ‘Soklys’ sell ‘Orlen Lietuva’ A-95 and A-98 types of petrol, diesel, marked diesels for agriculture and diesel furnace fuel. Regarding the price of wholesale fuels, please contact us by telephones +370-527-21133 and +370-699-96610, e-mail info@mbk.lt or simply fill out our contact form.


‘Orlen Lietuva’ petrol is blended with denatured ethanol of biological origin or ETBE (Ethyl tert-butyl ether), often called the sulphur-free petrol due to its sulphur concentration being lower than 10 ppm (0,001 per cent). It meets all the highest current requirements and standards proposed by the EU.


The quality of our fuel meets the manufacturer’s ‘Orlen Lietuva’ fuel quality certificates and the Order No. 1-348/D1-1014/3-742, concerning the approval of the Mandatory Quality Indexes for oil products, biofuels and liquid fuels usable in Lithuania, adopted on 22 December 2010 by the Minister of Energy, the Minister of Environment and the Minister of Transport and Communications.


Manufactured in a factory in Mazeikiai, our diesel is blended with RRME (Roussin red methyl ester) in warm conditions. Its sulphur concentration is lower than 10 ppm, meeting the highest requirements and standards proposed by the EU. Summer C-class diesel fuel is sold on the market from 1 May – 30 September, Transitional period E-class diesel fuel from 1 October – 1 December, and Winter A2-class diesel from 1 December – 28 February. The quality of according to STI (State Tax Incorporate) requirements marked by green colour diesel for agriculture does not differ from that of motor vehicles and heavy weight commercial transport, the only difference being the applied provisional excise tariff. The applied excise tariff for diesel for agriculture is equal to 0.

Commodity credit

The limit of the commodity credit, while meeting the cost during 30 calendar days, is determined for each customer individually according to one’s financial status, activity, information on legal disputes, overdue debts as well as other factors which may have negative influence on the customer’s solvency.


The fuel is delivered by autotransport in 24 or 48 hours (depending on the load of the fuel base) from the order provided either in written form (via fax or e-mail) or spoken form (via telephone). The quantity of the fuel delivered by fuel trucks can vary from 3,000 to 30,000 litres.