Have you decided to renew or start up your company’s filling station or an operating fluid flow station? Or maybe you need a particular part of the equipment? Then you are more than welcome to inquire about our equipment, devices and their constituents, and we will submit a proposal in accordance with your requirements. Attached you will find a short list of our production (Petrol station equipment.pdf ). If you have any questions regarding our product palette, please contact us by telephones +370-527-21133and +370-699-96610, e-mail info@mbk.lt or simply fill out our contact form.

Diesel fuel pumps ARCCAN RT70 and RT90

  • Installed management system SMDP with the function of transferring data to your computer;
  • Accessed by a key, magnetic card or PIN code up to 1,000 users;
  • Identification of the driver and the vehicle;
  • Configuration of software and accounts;
  • Pump efficiency up to 70 l/min or 90 l/min, net-feed 230V/50Hz;
  • Pulse meter K600, capacity 10-100 l/min (meter accuracy +/- 0.5% in the range mentioned), the function of calibration;
  • 6 m synthetic rubber fuel bowel;
  • Automatic pistol;
  • The frame of the pump is locked with a key;
  • The filter – separator’s capacity up to 65 or 100 l/min, filtration 30 μm;
  • RFD-100 block (used for the programming of identificators as well as data transfer from the computer to the management device and vice versa);
  • The function of linking the pump with the computer or the local network. A double shielded cable is needed, in particular the 4x2x0,5 and MIK-100 modules, used for direct pump linking to the computer via USB port.

Diesel fuel pump ARCCAN RT-50 S

  • Automatic pistol A60, flow capacity up to 70 l/min, 1" port;
  • 4 m synthetic rubber fuel bowel;
  • Pulse meter K600/3 (accuracy ± 0.5% after calibration);
  • Fuel pump 70 l/min, 230V/50Hz;
  • Control unit KDP-100;
  • Identificators for drivers (5 units) and vehicles (5 units);
  • Software;
  • Identificator reader RFD-100.