PEHD (polyethylene high-density) double-wall transferable tanks (having a capacity of 3,000 - 30,000 litres) allow you to store and use diesel for all practical purposes. The devices are TÜV certified, meeting the LAND proposed normative acts as well as the European Union environment and health and safety at work requirements issued by the European Community. Diesel fuel tank construction consists of two fully hermetic tanks: in the inner tank the liquid is preserved, whereas the outer tank provides protection from substance contamination. In the space between the walls an additional digital leak detector is installed. These fuel storage devices do not require any additional building permits. Diesel tanks are made of high-density PE HD100 polyethylene and are long-lasting, easily transferable as well as corrosion and ultraviolet (UV) resistant.

These devices are a modern and excellent solution for agriculture, construction, logistics, public service companies, emergency and rescue services, road building and repairing, navigation and small aviation companies, wood processing and wood preparation, courier services and active recreation, construction and repairing, light industry and storage businesses.

Diesel fuel tank complectation

  • Hermetically shuttable hatch;
  • Handles for transportation;
  • Suction pipe with a suction dish and back valve.
  • Lockable cabinet for storage of fuel dispensing equipment;
  • Ladder (upon customer’s request) and fire distinguisher holder, a fire distinguisher;
  • Inter-wall leak detector CKP-100;
  • Infill aperture Kamlok, type A-3, with DC 3 lid;
  • Vapor recovery valve;
  • Transfusion sensor;
  • Fuel remainder measurer OCIO (upon customer’s request);
  • Fuel seizure mechanism with a back valve and filter;
  • These fuel storage devices do not require any additional building permits.

Additional information

  • The reservoirs have a conditionally light weight and are easily transferred by goods traffic. The prime mover together with its trailer (120 m3) transfers up to 6 units of VS-6 or VS-7.5 reservoirs or up to 5 units of VS-10 reservoirs at the same time;
  • Reservoirs up to 10,000 litres are transferred by a loader;
  • A strong double-wall vertical construction, made of high-density polyethylene PE HD100;
  • A possibility to join several reservoirs into one single system, provide lighting as well as a surveillance camera to the reservoir;
  • A construction that is particularly resistant to weather conditions maintains the temperature of fuel suitable for temperature from minus 40 C° to plus 50 C°;