Wholesale of fuel

‘MBK Intelligence’ together with Gintas Vaicenas’ company ‘Soklys’ sell ‘Orlen Lietuva’ A-95 and A-98 types of petrol, diesel, marked diesels for agriculture and diesel furnace fuel. Regarding the price of wholesale fuels, please contact us by...[...] More >>

Petrol station equipment

‘MBK Intelligence’ offers a variety of items of petrol station equipment as well as operation liquid dispensing equipment. Having considered your requirements, we are ready to provide the ideal solution for your business at the best price. Our production...[...] More >>

Sales of oils and lubricants

‘MBK Intelligence’ provides wholesale oils and lubricants, meeting international API, SAE, and ACEA standards. We offer transport oils and lubricants of the highest quality: YACCO, FANFARO, STATOIL, PEMCO, GOST....[...] More >>