SMDP systems

This solution was created and improved particularly for petrol stations and operating fluid flow equipment. The primary aim of the device is to guarantee the simplicity and convenience of the fluid flow operations. SMDP is not a closed controllable and accountable system, but rather a universal product, by the help of widening models and according to your requirements able to:

  • Connect a limitless number of petrol stations into one centralized web server, where the information about every driver and vehicle as well as their fuelling history (restrictions, days and other time limits) are active in every territorial point of your company in Lithuania and abroad;
  • Log in to the accountability systems and dispensing operation control via the Internet for persons responsible from any part of the world;
  • By installing an additional GSM STB (Set Top Box) you are able to receive relevant information to your mobile phone as well as easily make any system adjustments needed.

Primary functions of the SMDP system:

  • Authorized access only to the filling operation user and vehicle;
  • Special indicators are used for authorization: programmed magnetic cards and Dallas keys;
  • Control of the numerator of the vehicle. The value is entered during the filling operation;
  • Ability to enter day limits for the liquids, applied to both vehicles and users;
  • Permanent control of liquid level in the tanks;
  • Ability to perform calibration of the tank filling and accounting sensors;
  • Permanent registration of all generated system operations: filling, tank filling, calibration, etc.
  • The petrol station can work independently, no permanent connection to the computer is required;
  • A flexible accounting system allows you to set individual accounting parameters (the system is submitted with a number of already set accounting variants according to the type of the vehicle, user, freely selected time intervals, etc.);
  • A modern accounting system allows you to export data to various document formats (Excel, Access, PDF, etc.)
  • By using the scanner you are able to conveniently program the identificators as well as authorize the access to the computer program by using the identificator of the system operator;
  • Several access levels to the computer program provide additional security of data (e.g. editing the state of the tank and other significant data is accessible only to the appointed petrol station worker or its owner).

SMDP users

The name of the user, password or other identificator can be used to access the program. For the realisation of additional functions while using a computer an identificator scanner is required.

  • Service worker (having full authority);
  • Administrator (having equal authority as the service worker, except for the ability to modify system settings);
  • Operator (has enough authority as the petrol station worker, unable to modify data on the users and vehicles);
  • Reports (functions accorded with accounting formation).

Elements of the SMDP system

  • Control unit KDP-100;
  • Extension modules/set top boxes, which guarantee the control of a number of pumps while connected to a single control device KDP-100;
  • Software for a developed filling operation management and monitoring;
  • Identificator scanner for magnetic cards and Dallas keys.

SMDP system will develop together with your company and will always live up to your expectations. Users working with outdated equipment are given the opportunity of adapting their systems with SMDP without making any major investments. The flexibility of the system may be observed in the use of SMDP system in auto repair shops for liquid control.

The control unit KDP-100 performs the authorizing function of the receiver of the liquid as well as the vehicle, and governs other modules related to the system. The module in the standard control unit KDP-100 controls only a single pump. The control unit provides information on the 4-digit LED display (indicates the amount of fuel during the filling process, in all other cases displays the current time) and the smaller LCD display (information notes). A convenient digital keyboard with option and navigation keys is also installed.

Authorized access is performed with the help of special cards, Dallas keys or by entering a code. Widening modules provide the function of controlling several pumps from a single control unit. After logging in, the user can choose to fill from any preferred tank.

Every event of the petrol station is registered in the control unit and transferred from the information highway to the central database. In the case when the interface with the computer does not exist, there is a function of saving several thousands of events in the memory data register of the unit (the maximum number of events depends on the number of registered users and vehicles). The events can be read by linking the system to the computer or using the Dallas key of the administrator. The software provides the function of configuring and controlling the whole petrol station from a single source regardless of the number of pumps or filling stations. User interface is created by applying the most innovative and advanced programming methods, the results of which are reflected in the simplicity and convenience of administration.